Company history

Established in Hungary in 1999 by Dr. Lajos Sárosi, HungaroTrial rapidly expanded into the leading research countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Since our first multi-country clinical trial in 2002 we have steadily, and organically, grown throughout the CEE. Our newest locations in Russia and Ukraine opened in 2009 and have been in high demand ever since.

Just as your clinical study can only Overachieve by carefully following an approved protocol, ICH Guidelines and local regulation, HungaroTrial has built its success by taking a carefully crafted organizational and operational formula into each country we serve. The result is a truly seamless, efficient operation able to serve your needs in countries and cultures that may seem to be diverse and difficult.

What’s ahead for 2011 and beyond? Our team continues to grow, empowered by our singular culture, our uncompromising drive to Overachieve, and our desire to improve the world through medical research.

At Industry Events

HungaroTrial is an active participant at international biotechnology and clinical research industry events, such as BIO, DIA and other smaller specialized conferences.
Our company is adding value to these conferences by exhibiting company materials and giving presentations about clinical research in Central and Eastern Europe.

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